interdisciplinary research and development

Production Software. Reliable.

Bridging business and technology

We live bridging between strategy management and technology. We survey pervasive computing technology from the transistor level up to distributed large-scale systems. With that unique interdisciplinary combination, we can make the right decisions and let you focus on your business.

We align to your strategy

Most software systems are overengineered but still lack quality. Complexity blurs effectivity and leads to cost, quality and dependency issues. We are convinced that productive software has to follow your strategy and leverage your specific strengths. Our approach elevates your market position and preserves agility.

Service quality is key 

User experience is directly linked to your brand image. It is business critical that user experience is managed beyond just good weather situations. Outages are a reality. We know how to deal with complexity, insufficient software quality and unreliable communication channels. Talk to us to start protecting your brand image.

xiax is specialised in the design of production software systems for businesses that serve millions of customers. Application areas are telecommunications, internet, payment systems and the internet of things.