The best software for mass interaction

The need

Customer interaction is more and more moving to digital channels. As these channels are part of the revenue generation, the underlying infrastructure is highly business critical. There is a need for massively scalable software that implements the business strategy and preserves your agility. State of the art IT systems lack these properties, that is why we call it Production Software.

Our beliefs

When developing a business strategy, the focus must be on customer needs. We often see these rules changing completely when strategy is implemented by software. Managers find themselves locked by existing software assets, dependency on vendors, technology investments and the complexity of new technologies. We are convinced that software must follow strategy and not vice versa.


We are outstanding in applied lateral thinking and getting to the essence behind your requirements. Our interdisciplinary approach with combined strategy development and software craftsmanship is unique on the market. Due to our internal software development capabilities, we can go beyond the selling of abstract concepts. We know how to manage software development and we know how to build stable services out of unstable components.
"There is a tremendous improvement potential. We are commited to achieve results."