On that page, we want to show you examples of your experience, based on applications, common architectures and software technologies. We will never disclose our clients for marketing purposes, however we can provide you with references during a face to face talk. 

Production software

  • NFC-Tag and QR-Code interaction platform for exhibition and advertising campaigns.
  • Switzerlands first one-click micropayment aquiring system with managed merchant integration.
  • First SMS distribution gateway with real time account charging.
  • Remittance payment interoperability bridge system with real time settlement.
  • Internet provided commercial database lookup service.
  • Multi-operator voucher management system (VOMS) for prepaid mobile phone balance top up.
  • Voucherless mobile phone top up distribution infrastructure with agent integration
  • Privacy oriented mass device management system for the mobile Internet of things (IoT, m2m).
  • Distributed communication middleware for industrial embedded ARM microprocessors to enable low cost component orientation
  • Managed Signage Screen infrastructure for massive reduction of operation cost
  • High performance event data analytics framework to build quick AI and ML MVP's to drive innovation
  • Long term availability focused IoT device connection platform with post-quantum end to end security

System architectures

  • Traditional heavy-weight 3 tier (storage, database, business) clustered HA system architecture.
  • Commercial-of-the-shelf (COTS) hardware using linux and OpenSAF HA middelware.
  • Amazon AWS / Google Could based infrastructure, Edge acceleration, Kubernetes clusters
  • Internet architectures, noSQL, distributed processing and replication, enterprise blockchain
  • Microservices architecture using containers i.e. Docker
  • Site redundancy
  • Xiax dedicated quality assurance architecture. Put the focus on customer experience, not uptime