Quality Assurance

Availability is not only a static attribute of a system. Besides the proper design, service quality needs to be managed as whole. For that purpose, we help you implementing the right quality assurance process.

User experience quality assurance

Assess the complete system quality and consider the user perspective rather than the technical attributes. We install measurments that provide you with smart and effective KPI’s that can be used to manage the overall system quality.

Interface quality assurance

Interfaces to 3rd parties (API, interconnections) are a source of problems and cost and provide a great potential for quality management. While technical standards exist, the whole interconnected system is not managed beyond the good weather conditions. Business partners that connect to an API have to decide on their own, how to react on certain problems such as no reaction and latency issues. 99% of all Software interfaces are tested from the technical side only. The impact to the whole user interaction is often just not considered. We provide interface testing infrastructure for certification purposes. Your partners can test their systems prior to connecting with your live infrastructure. 

7/24 support for unmanaged assets 

Our 7/24 support offering allows software vendors to assure maintenance and support service for software assets that are not anymore maintained.