Repair and Improve

Reduce damage

Our top selling service aims to reduce financial damage cased by any software that does not fulfill its expectations in its environment. The service is provided towards both service companies and software vendors.

Typical issues are scalability, performance problems and ungraceful degradation. Interconnected software systems are prone to quality issues caused by unmanaged 3rd party dependencies, incompliant interface usage and due to real world conditions such as latency and broken communication.

Intervention strategies

We start a first independent analysis of the issue. Based on the situation analysis we propose intervention strategies on how to solve the issue or at least reduce the negative impact.


Software modernisation

Based on the previously defined targets, the problem is solved by replacing parts of the software or the whole software system. We manage requirement definition and communication with the software vendor. As an alternative, we offer a redevelopment based on our unique production software experience.


User experience compensation

User experience compensation focuses on the service quality rather than the root problem itself. Goal is to guarantee that no single end-customer is disappointed when affected by a service issue. User experience compensation is a short-term intervention with the advantage of its independency from the software vendor.

Collaborative problem solution

Collaborative problem solution is a mediation service to resolve problems of systems that are provided by multiple parties. In that situation, the problem responsibility is typically moved from one vendor to another. We provide an independent professional viewpoint and a strong result orientation.